Well hi, hello there. This is me.

I’m still discovering who I am, but I still have plenty of time to explore the world and find myself, don’t you think? For the meantime, I’m just embarking on a journey led by my taste palette and my love for McDonald’s. (What can I say? I’m loyal and I’m lovin’ it!)

A little about me:

My name is Ines and I’m currently a student in Boston University. Born in Chicago, I’m raised in a Cantonese family and grew up in Shanghai. All my life I’ve been moving around different cities and schools, and have had the opportunity to travel around and see the world. Oddly enough, though I’ve moved from place to place, I have always found myself near McDonald’s. All throughout my childhood, McDonald’s has been an integral part of my life. From morning breakfast hashbrown runs to a midday soft serve, McDonald’s was basically my go-to safe space where I can always rely on to cheer myself up.

Here is a place dedicated to my love for McDonald’s. Combining my love for traveling and this fast food chain, here is a creative space for me to document my experiences as I try on all the unique McDonald’s menus around the world.

Call me a modern explorer, here’s my own version of a journey on the Silk Road – the McDonald’s expedition.