Home Away From Home: Boston

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that since coming to college, I have been eating McDonald’s almost religiously. Like every college kid, I always find myself short on time; not enough time to sleep, not enough time to study, and definitely not enough time to cook myself a decent meal. So what’s fast and convenient? The answer is always McDonald’s.

Although I’ve been to the McDonald’s near my campus countless amount of times, I never get sick of their menu. Just like the other McDonald’s around the world, the one here in Boston has unique items distinct to this city. Famous for the sensational seafood, of course they would have Lobster Roll. When I first tried it, not going to lie, I was a little skeptical (not quite sure how I feel about getting seafood from a fast-food joint). To my surprise, it was actually really good. Overflowing with lobster, you actually get quite the bang for your buck at $8.99. With the perfect ratio of a lot of lobster and a hint of mayo, the roll actually tastes quite authentic. Every bite oozing with small chunks of lobster, it is definitely worth a try.

Another one of my favorite items on this menu is the Pico Guacamole Burger. Although not really Bostonian at all, it’s unique to only Boston McDonald’s. Layered with fresh Pico de Gallo made of diced tomatoes and guacamole, the burger really encapsulates the hype for avocados. Topped with unversally-loved ranch sauce and fresh cheddar cheese, this burger explodes with flavor inside your mouth. Call me basic, but I love avocados, and this burger is by far my favorite choice.

A twist on the original apple pie, McDonald’s here also has a Strawberry Creme Pie. Contrary to what you might assume, this pie is actually half fresh strawberries and half whipped cream. With the separation, the sweetness of the strawberry and the frothiness of the whipped cream mixes in your mouth, creating an interesting sensation on your tastebuds. Not quite sure if I loved it in particular, but for those who like strawberry cheesecake, trust me when I tell you it tastes almost just like that. A very interesting experience!

Do I love McDonald’s? Yes. Do I hope to eat less of it? Also yes. Nevertheless, I love visiting different McDonald’s and trying out different unique items, and I’ll make it my goal to visit McDonald’s all around the world to accomplish that. McDonald’s bucket list, here I come!


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