Angus Australia

Never had I eaten so much meat than when I went to Australia. Proud of their cuisine Australians love their meat – from BBQ style to a simply grilled patty, Australian’s master the art of cooking meat like no other. Without a doubt, McDonald’s is also no exception.

Similar to Canadian McDonald’s Angus burgers (that I talked about in my previous post), Australia McDonald’s also have a variety of thick beefy Angus burgers. Having tried burgers from all around the world – from different restaurants, burger joints, and other fast food chains – I can confidently say that the “Gourmet Angus Truffle & Cheese” burger  is definitely one of my favorites. With the juicy covered in BBQ sauce and topped with caramelized onion, bacon, spinach leaves, shaved parmesan, and truffle oil, the burger is purely an explosion of flavors and joy in your mouth. Taking a slightly more fancy route, McDonald’s incorporate truffle aioli; really stepping up their burgers and bringing it to the next level.

Following down the same road, Australian McDonald’s also offer a unique “Truffle Mayo & Parmesan Loaded Fries.” Just like its name, it is literally the McDonald’s classic golden fries drowned in Truffle Mayo and Parmesan. As you can imagine, I couldn’t really go back to normal fries after trying these flavorful fries. With the slight fungi-ish tangy taste  of the truffle, and the creamy taste of mayo, it is the perfect combination with the crunch of fries. Topped with cheese, it was just the perfect side to pair with the burger!

Of course, no meal is complete without a nice dessert. A twist from the original apple pie, Australian McDonald’s has a salted caramel pie. Just like the apple pie, it also has a crispy pastry crust, but instead, it oozes out salted caramel. Even as someone with intense sweet tooth, this was a bit too much for me, but i enjoyed it nevertheless. The little bit of sea salt mixed in the caramel definitely helped balance out the overwhelming sweetness, and the smooth caramel was the perfect contradiction to the crunchy pastry.

From the gourmet burger to the fries and dessert, Australia showed me a new side of McDonald’s. For a second I almost forgot McDonald’s was a fast food joint, and it felt like a real meal straight out of a good restaurant. What an impressive branch, definitely worth a try (trust me!)


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