Desserts Galore: Italy

As a famous burger and nuggets fast food joint, people often forget the great dessert McDonald’s offer. From soft-serve and sundaes to triple thick milkshakes, McDonald’s actually have some classic desserts that is quite universally loved – and no one does it better than the sweet sweet country of Italy.

When I visited Italy, I immediately fell in love with the beautiful country and cuisine. Indulging in every meal, I surrounded myself with a variety of pasta and seafood; but nothing was as exciting as scanning the dessert menu at the end of every dinner. As a girl with a massive sweet tooth, Italy was basically heaven on earth. With a never-ending choice of cakes and gelato, I was never disappointed and always satisfied. Not only is this limited to restaurants and dessert parlors, but Italian McDonald’s also delve deep into their dessert menu.

One of the most popular and hot items on the Italian McDonald’s dessert menu is their “Sweety” Nutella Burger. Sounds weird doesn’t it? It’s actually a bun shaped in a burger filled with Nutella. Yeah, you heard that right, filled with Nutella. Not only is Nutella an obsession here in America, but also huge in Italy. This “burger” is the ultimate dessert for other sweet-lovers like me, with Nutella oozing out of the burger every bite.

Italy McDonald’s also has a a variety of the classic McDonald’s dessert – McFlurry. In other countries, we have the usual Oreo and M&M toppings (with the exception of Japan’s amazing Matcha McFlurry – check out my post about it). Yet in Italy, they have KitKat, Cornetto, Chocomix, and Chocolate fudge. With the wide range of toppings, they put a different twist on the traditional McFlurry, giving us consumers a choice on what we already love. Furthermore, Italians also take pride in their amazing gelato, and the quality and emphasis was not lost in McDonald’s. When I tried their KitKat McFlurry, the contrast between the creamy gelato mixed with the crunchy KitKat was the perfect combination, filled with extreme sweetness and chocolate-y flavors for all the sweet addicts.

Similar to the regular sundaes McDonald’s provide, McDonald’s in Italy also have a “Sweet Temptation” sundaes. With the choice of classic chocolate and strawberry frutti tutti, these sundaes include a layer of whipped cream on top, a layer of jam and chocolate, a layer of crunchy nuts and cereal, on top of a filled cup of vanilla gelato. With a combination of every layer with every bite, the sundae is the best dessert to enjoy on a hot summer day.

Building upon the classic McDonald’s dessert menu, Italian McDonald’s focuses a lot on their dessert choices, as Italians love their sweets. From their famous gelato and their iconic Nutella, McDonald’s embraces the importance of desserts, and creates an extensive dessert menu we can all enjoy.


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