Right Across the Border – Canada

Growing up in Asia, road trips were not a big activity; so when I came to the States for college, I was excited to experience my first journey on the road. During my freshmen year, a few friends and I decided to drive up to Montreal for a weekend. Needless to say, I was beyond psyched to go on the road. After almost 5 hours of a long drive, we finally made it to Montreal, and of course, our first pitstop was to a McDonald’s by the gas station. To my expectations, the McDonald’s in Canada is fairly similar to the McDonald’s we have here in America, Your usual Big Mac burgers, Fillet-o-Fish, chicken burger, etc. However, in addition to the regulars, they have massive angus burger.

With three styles – original, bacon and cheddar, and smokehouse BBQ – the angus burgers are some of the most popular items on the menu. After trying the Mighty Original Angus burger, I was shocked and impressed with how good the burger was. Not that I think regular McDonald’s burgers are bad, but this was a whole new level. Unlike some other flat burger patties, the angus burger had thick juicy meaty patties that exploded with flavor in your mouth. Topped with bacon, caramelized onions, and fresh tomatoes, the burger is sandwiched between two sesame-poppyseed buns, and has the perfect balance between the fresh crunch of lettuce and the soft juiciness of the patty and the buns.

After I finished the burger, I was full – and I mean really full. The burger was massive (as you can imagine), and I was satisfied. Just as we were about to finish, a friend suggested that we get Poutine. Although I was mad full, I decided to try it anyways, and asked where we should go. Turns out, they had poutine at McDonald’s in Canada. Never having tried Poutine, I had my first experience in McDonald’s! Might be a little unfair for me to judge how it was, considering I’ve never had other Poutine, but the one at McDonald’s was pretty darn good! McDonald’s fries were always good in my opinion, and they lead by far compared to other fast food joints. To make it better, topped with cheese and gravy, the Poutine was amazing. With a contrast between the smooth gravy and the crunch of the fries, the Poutine was just the right amount of flavorful.

Although the menus weren’t too different, there were still special items unique to Canadian McDonald’s. Not only was the burger impressively professional, the Poutine was honestly such an upgrade from regular fries. If only they had Poutine here in America…


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