India: Vibrant & Exotic

Of all the places I’ve ever visited, India is probably one of the most culturally stimulating and dynamic countries. With such a strong emphasis on connection with their traditions and customs, it was impossible not to fall in love with the gorgeous place. Despite all the sightseeing attractions and the beautiful nature sceneries, nothing came close to the exotic flavors of Indian cuisine. Never been a fan of spicy food, but I was so intrigued by all the different type of Indian curries. From green to yellow to red, they all have their distinct taste and tanginess to them, portraying different flavorful herbs and spices. Of course, although surrounded by all the amazing restaurants and street food, I still had to try McDonald’s – I just had to! (My parents thought I was ridiculous and borderline uncultured, asking for McDonald’s when I had so many other choices)

Just like the other McDonald’s around the world that have incorporated traditional cuisines into their menu (like the porridge they offer in Malaysia), the India McDonald’s is no exception. Embracing the popular vegetarianism in India, McDonald’s there have a large variety of vegetable burgers. One of the most popular burgers is the “McAloo Tikki” burger, which is a mashed potatoes and peas patty coated with breadcrumbs, served with sweet tomato mayo. I’ve always been more of a meat lover, so this burger was quite the new experience for me. Can’t say it was my favorite, but the burger sure had a unique texture to it. I prefer my burgers with a certain chewiness, yet this one was more mushy and soft. Despite the texture, the tomato mayo was definitely the highlight of the burger – and it provided a sweet-ish sour taste, making it very appetizing.

After an unconventional vegetarian burger, I moved on to the next one. One of my favorite things on the menu was actually their Masala Grill Chicken burger. Stuffed with Indian herbs and spices, the chicken patty is grilled to tenderness and then doused in a smokey chili sauce. Topped with crunchy onions, this burger really embodied a crossover between an American-style burger with the traditional dish of Masala Chicken. Despite being just a fast-food chain, McDonald’s actually did a great job making the taste as authentic as possible, and the juiciness of the chicken paired with the herbs and spices was the perfect combination for an Indian twist on a regular burger.

One thing I found really interesting but didn’t get to try was the Vegetable Pizza McPuff. Although I didn’t order it, I saw other people devour it in ridiculous speed. Similar to our traditional Apple Pie, it is a rectangular puff stuffed with tomato sauce and beans, carrots, peppers, onion, and mozzarella cheese. To accommodate the more popular vegetarian choices, there is also no meat in this puff. With the sweet tomato sauce mixed with a variety of chopped vegetables, I can only imagine all the flavors that would burst in your mouth.

Contrary to regular McDonald’s menu that focus mostly on meat and burgers, the McDonald’s in India are actually more vegetarian (due to the culture), and it was a very interesting experience for me. Although the potato and pea patty were no my favorite, I really enjoyed trying something new; but as of now, I think I’ll go enjoy some real Indian food instead.


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